Culinary School Manhattan

Serving North Jersey's Culinary Aspirants

Strategically situated in White Plains, NY, Culinary Tech Center stands as one of the top culinary schools North Jersey residents can easily access. Serving those from Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, and other North Jersey areas, joining us means entering a world of culinary excellence without the long commute.

Strategic Location from North Jersey

While quality training is the highest consideration, accessibility should also be a determining factor in choosing among culinary schools North Jersey. Culinary Tech Center, located just a short drive from North Jersey, offers not only excellent training but also the convenience of being close by.

Around our White Plains location, you can find a mix of unique restaurants, specialty food markets, and culinary gems that will fuel your passion. Being a cultural hotspot, you can also enjoy tours of beautiful galleries and theaters, as well as a selection of shopping and entertainment opportunities.

Our Culinary Arts Program

At Culinary Tech Center, the exceptional culinary certificate programs North Jersey students seek are now at the tip of your fingers. In our culinary arts School NY, we teach both kitchen skills and classroom knowledge, preparing students for a great job in cooking. We focus on basic and advanced cooking techniques and also help students think creatively and handle challenges.

By keeping up with the latest cooking trends, we make sure our students are ready for today's culinary world. We strive to instill in students both confidence and the key techniques vital for navigating the constantly evolving career landscape. 

Our Hospitality Program

In our Hospitality Operations Program, we provide comprehensive training to cover all corners of the hospitality industry. These include front desk operations, effective reservation management, the fundamental aspects of housekeeping, and the roles of a concierge.

Our team of expert educators also provides hospitality training for guest services and administrative positions. Culinary Tech Center ensures that each student stands out in the hospitality industry's intensely competitive environment.


Why Choose Culinary Tech Center?

At Culinary Tech Center, we believe that culinary artistry is best learned through action. Our training isn’t just hands-on; it’s immersive. Students are allowed to hone their skills in kitchens that mirror top restaurants, ensuring that they aren't just learning to cook but mastering the ambiance, equipment, and high-pressure environments of the culinary scene.

Experience a rite of passage into the culinary community with our Commercial Cooking Plus Externship program. With a blend of comprehensive classroom instruction and practical training, you will get a tangible experience that will set the stage for a robust understanding of the culinary industry’s demands and rewards.