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303 Quarropas Street, White Plains, NY 10601

We offer Culinary Arts (a nationally accredited program) and our Hospitality Operations Program.

The Program is 600 hours which is the equivalent of 6 months.

We offer morning and afternoon sessions.

No, our curriculum is an accredited certificate program.

The Culinary Tech Center is accredited by COE (Council on Occupational Education). National Accreditation strives to assure quality and integrity in career and technical education.

The total cost for the Culinary program is $16,250, which includes uniforms and equipment.

The following are the requirements:

  • Applicants must have an admissions interview at the school
  • Tour the facility
  • Demonstrate a desire to pursue the career program of interest
  • Must have an HS or GED diploma or be referred by a state agency such as ACCES VR.

Yes. The School is licensed by BPSS (Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision) and nationally accredited by COE (Council or Occupational Education).

Admissions Office is open Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Please call the main number at 646-559-8551. You may also email us at info@edtraining.com

Our Director of Externship and Placement assists graduates with job leads and career development tools. Our program also has a Professional Development portion to help prepare our students to enter the workforce, with resume writing, goals setting, interviewing and more. The school does not guarantee employment.

We at Culinary Tech are proud supporters of our current and former veterans and offer exciting career opportunities in both the culinary and hospitality areas. There are veterans who have recently transitioned out of the military and there are others who have been out for some time but are looking for a career change. We understand these scenarios and are committed to helping you start your training which will lead to a new and rewarding career. Many military veterans are pursuing culinary careers, and the biggest question they present to us is, “Does the GI Bill pay for culinary school?” What we tell them is that Veterans with an honorable discharge, or in the active military are eligible through the G.I. bill. Tuition assistance is available if full GI benefits are not. In as little as six months, our hands-on programs provide students with real-world skills to maximize their career readiness for any field in the culinary or hospitality industry. You may use Post 9/11 GI Bill™ benefits towards your Culinary Tech training. Post 9/11 GI Bill™ educational benefits available to veterans and other eligible parties from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

The school provides the students uniforms. Students are expected to wear their uniform every day to class and appear well groomed.

Yes, the program at the Culinary Tech Center have an externship component in the curriculum. Commercial Cooking Plus Externship has a 200 hour externship. Externship must be completed in order to graduate from Culinary Tech Center.

Only students with a High School Degree or GED can apply for financial aid.

Don’t worry about the Financial Aid Process, We Make it Easy! The online process makes the financial aid application process easier and faster than ever, and our experienced Financial Aid staff will guide and assist you through the entire process. Your advisor will identify the financial aid programs that will help you meet your needs and answer all of your questions. Just call or visit the Financial Aid Office; we’re here to help!

1. Getting Started –
Apply for an FSA ID – The beginning point for all federal financial aid starts with applying for a federal FSA ID. The FSA ID is your “electronic signature” for completing all of your financial aid documents online. To apply for an FSA ID create a username and password of your choice. You will be asked to confirm your e-mail address using a secure code that will be sent to you. Once you confirm your e-mail address you will be able to log into the FAFSA website using your email address. Once you have decided to pursue a career through an education at the Culinary Tech Center, your Email address will be needed in order to complete the next step – completing and signing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

2. The On-Line FAFSA Application:
The FAFSA form can be completed quickly and easily on the Department of Education’s website located at fafsa.ed.gov. If you’d like to “do it yourself”, we’re certain you’ll find the process easy to understand. However, if you are nervous about the application, or just have questions, we are here to help. Our Financial Aid Office staff will sit down with you to help you complete the application, or answer your questions over the phone or by e-mail. The information that you provide in the FAFSA application will help the college determine if you are eligible for a Federal Pell Grant and Federal Student/Parent Loans. When completing the FAFSA form, be sure to list Culinary Tech Center as your school choice (Federal School Code #o42343) as this will ensure we receive your information in a timely manner.

3. FAFSA Application Deadline:
It’s best to have your FAFSA completed at least 10 days prior to the start of classes since we cannot process any financial aid until your data is received from the federal processor. The absolute deadline to file your FAFSA is May 15 at the end of each financial aid year or a few days before you finish school (whichever is earlier), as we must receive your information while you are still enrolled in order to process your aid.

4. Verification:
Approximately one out of every four FAFSA applications will be chosen by the Department of Education for a review process known as verification. If your application is selected, you (and your parent if you are a dependent student) will be asked to provide copies of the prior year’s official IRS tax transcript documentation along with other income and asset information. We will let you know if you were selected for verification and give you a list of the necessary documentation.

5. Verification Deadline:
Unfortunately, we cannot process any financial aid until all of the required documentation is submitted and reviewed. At times, this process will require us to make changes to your FAFSA data, which can add time to the processing. Therefore, it is important that you submit any documentation as soon as possible, but no later than fourteen days after we request it. If you need more time, just stop by and speak with us about it.

6. Your Financial Aid “Award Letter”:
Upon completion of the application and verification (if required) processes, the Financial Aid Office will prepare a financial aid “Award Letter” for you based on your eligibility and financial need as determined by your FAFSA form. Your Award Letter will list all of the aid for which you are eligible. Your advisor will also discuss the timing of your financial aid payments, billing procedures, and payment plan options. Please sign this award letter and return it to the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible in order for your financial aid to be processed.

7. We are here to help! Remember:
If you have questions, need help, or just would like more information concerning financial aid, please stop in and visit the Financial Aid Office or call us at (646) 559-8551.

Federal Student Loan Counseling Requirements

Before you can borrow under the Federal Stafford Student Loan program, you must complete a requirement known as an “Entrance Interview”. This is not the kind of interview that requires a dress shirt and tie; in fact it is not really an “interview” at all.

Entrance Counseling:

An “Entrance Interview” is really an online tool that teaches you about your rights and responsibilities as a student loan borrower. It is also referred to as “Entrance Counseling”. It will contain a few quiz-type questions to ensure that you understand these rights and responsibilities. Take your time, read thoroughly and answer the questions carefully. If you answer too many questions incorrectly, you will have to start all over again.

Culinary Tech Center uses the Direct Loan website to perform the online Entrance Counseling Process. Your results will be sent to the Financial Aid Office electronically upon your completion of the process.  We will also provide you with student loan information during your orientation at Culinary Tech Center, and we’ll be here to answer your questions at any time before or after you start classes. So, if you are ready to get started, click this link to start your “Entrance Counseling”.  Once you arrive at the Direct Loans website, click on the green “Sign In” button on the left side of the screen and follow the simple instructions.

Exit Counseling:

An “Exit Counseling” is required whenever a student who received a Federal Stafford Student Loan graduates or otherwise leaves school. It is very important that you complete this process because it teaches you about your rights and responsibilities as a student loan borrower. It will also give you help and information on how to keep your loan in good standing, even if you are having trouble making the payments.

Of course, the Financial Aid Office staff is always available to help with your student loan questions, even after you leave school. If you ever are having trouble making your payments, please call us at(212) 243-5081. We can help you to work with your loan servicer and stay out of trouble. We can probably even help you get a “deferment” or “forbearance”, which will allow you to stop making payments for a while with no penalty until you get back on your feet. Call us – we’re here to help.

Culinary Tech Center uses the Direct Loan website to perform the Exit Counseling online. Your results will be sent to the Financial Aid Office electronically upon your completion of the “Counseling”. So, if you are ready to get started, click on this link to start your “Exit Counseling”.

Sometimes the total financial aid available may not be enough to fully cover your costs. Therefore, Culinary Tech Center offers an In-School Payment Plan to help you finance any remaining balance after other forms of financial assistance are considered. Just visit the Financial Aid Office to discuss this option. The Financial Aid Office at Culinary Tech Center is always ready to help you!

Paying for your education can be a challenge and we want you to take advantage of every benefit available for the financial commitment you have made.  The federal government offers several income tax benefits for education costs, including the American Opportunity Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit.  These are available to students and parents who paid tuition at a post-secondary school in the tax year, subject to IRS rules.  Also, once you have completed your education, you might also be eligible to deduct the cost of interest paid on your student loans.


Annually, Culinary Tech Center will report to the IRS the amount of tuition each student paid during the tax year (using the government’s formula).  A 1098-T form will be mailed to each student permanent address as long as you have a valid social security number on file.

The 1098-T, along with your copy of your Culinary Tech Center billing statements, should be used by your tax preparer to determine your eligibility for a tax credit.

Because each taxpayer’s circumstances vary, we cannot provide tax advice or assistance related to the credit or how to claim the credit but will be here to assist you in locating helpful resources.

As required by law, your 1098-T statement will be mailed by January 31st of the following year.


Related Links:

American Opportunity Credit

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Student Loan Interest Deduction

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

In order to be considered for federal student financial aid programs, you must meet the federal student aid eligibility rules and complete an online application.  Simply follow the easy steps on the How to Apply for Financial Aid page of this website. Of course, if you need any help or have questions about the application process; the financial aid office staff is available to assist you.  Please call 212-243-5081 and schedule an appointment with a member of our financial aid office.

The federal student financial aid programs available at Culinary Tech Center are as follows: (The name of each program is a link to the U.S. Department of Education’s website for the specific program.  This site contains the most current and detailed information available).

Federal Pell Grant provides grant aid money to assist students who have not already received a Bachelor’s Degree.  (Note: If you are eligible for a Pell Grant and your parent or guardian was a member of the U.S. Armed forces who died as a result of military service in Iraq or Afghanistan after Sept. 11, 2001, you are eligible for a Pell Grant for the award year).

Iraq & Afghanistan Service Grant provides grant money to students who are not Pell-eligible, whose parent or guardian died as a result of military service in Iraq or Afghanistan after 9/11, and who, at the time of the parent or guardian’s death, was less than 24 years old or were enrolled at least part-time at an institution of higher education.

Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan is a loan* available to students with financial need. The federal “subsidy” includes the elimination of interest while the student is in school and a reduction of the interest rate during repayment.  The loan amount is based on grade level, dependency status, and financial need.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan is a loan* available to students in which you are not required to demonstrate financial need. Interest accrues (accumulates) on the loan from the time it is first disbursed (paid out).  You can still pay the interest while you are in school, during grace periods and deferment periods.  If you choose not to pay the interest, it will be added to your loan balance and interest will accrue on the higher principal loan amount.  The loan amount is based on grade level and dependency status.

Federal Parent PLUS Loan is a loan* available to parents of dependent students.  A parent, if credit approved, may borrow up to the full cost of attendance minus any other financial aid.

The Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Rehabilitation Services Program is part of the New York State Education Department. ACCES-VR, formerly known as the Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID), assists individuals with disabilities to obtain and maintain employment.

* A loan is a financial obligation that must be re-paid in the future through monthly payments, including interest.  It is very important to know and understand the terms of a loan before signing a promissory note and entering a loan obligation.  The terms of a loan include interest rate, repayment schedule, and borrower rights and responsibilities.

You came to Culinary Tech Center because you knew you needed TRAINING to be successful in your career. Of course, that training is specific to your trade. But what about training for handling your money? Have you ever been “trained” in how to handle your personal finances, make a personal budget, or manage your credit score? Do you have the RIGHT TOOLS for the job of building your financial future?
The tools and links on this page are provided to give you the Personal Financial Training you need – to be as prepared and successful in your personal business as you will be when working in your trade.


Our most highly-recommended personal financial training site is “CashCourse”. This free site offers tools and strategies to help you learn to get the most out of your money. We strongly encourage you to visit them at:
CashCourse –  a comprehensive personal financial training site with a great deal of valuable information.


Of course, there are numerous other sites which provide similar services and personal financial training. The list below offers some different options for you. A particular site may be more appealing to you or more appropriate to your current financial / family situation. We recommend you spend some time reviewing some alternate sites and see which one fits you the best.

Smart About Money
A broad-based site for adults in all phases of life – from training through retirement.

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy –  A comprehensive site with specific sections for college students, working adults, veterans, and more.

Jump $tart Coalition for Financial Literacy
This site is designed for students, from pre-K to college. It also has useful information for parents of young children.

My Money – Financial Education
A federal site combining information from twenty-one different federal agencies and departments.

40 Money Management Tips for Students
A site dedicated to college students, and particularly those students who are under twenty-four years of age.


The links below provide information on certain specific topics in managing your personal finances:

Identity Theft
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) site with information about preventing identity theft and recovering after the fact.

Guide to Credit Cards
A Federal Reserve System site credit cards, from interest rates and fees to repayment options (also has some spanish content).

America Saves
A not-for-profit site dedicated to helping people save money, reduce debt, and gain wealth.

Feed the Pig
Another site dedicated to strategies for saving money.


Do you know what your credit report looks like? Did you know you can get a truly free credit report? (Avoid websites that charge you a one-time or monthly fee for access to your own credit report!)
Free Annual Credit Report

You actually have three credit reports… one from each of three reporting agencies… If you are having credit problems, you may need to view all three credit reports to find and fix any errors or omissions.
Equifax Credit Agency
Experian Credit Agency
TransUnion Credit Agency


If you have any questions about personal financial management, please visit the Financial Aid Office. We’ll be happy to help you!

Registration Fee$100.00
Kit and Uniform$595.00
Lab and Fee$1455.00
Total Charges$16, 250.00



Hospitality Operations-600 HOURS
Registration Fee$100.00
Kit and Uniform$160.00
Lab and Fee$295.00
Total Charges$12,495.00
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